Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas Home Tour

Hi Dolls!

So I am a little late with this....

But I am linking up with Kelly's Korner

I took all these pics with my cell phone so they are not the best quality, but you get the main idea..lol

I just haven't had time (or my house clean enough) to take the big camera out to get good pics.

This is our masterbedroom and tree number 1 of 4 lol
I want to add 2 more trees next year for a total of 6!!

This is our big tree......it is in the living room, and it is the tree santa leaves the gifts under.

Its decorated in red and gold, and the tree skirt (yes its not a wrap around one) was made by my mom 20 years ago! It is the tree skirt we had on our tree every year growing up!!

This is mini-me and baby's bedroom, they love that I put decorations in their room this year!
some greenery with lights and a nativity scene that i bought at the Dollarama!

This is a little table by the entry way, I bought the striped cones for 6.99 at a sidewalk sale last summer.......I was at the same store (home hardware) a few weeks ago and they same set was 26.99!!!

This is Princess's room
a few touches of red, some christmas stuffies on the bed and a few christmas-y items on her night table!

oh, and we can't forget these cute little snow men (bought at the Dollarama)
and the Gold Canyon Candle in "Peppermint Bark" scent.....it smells sooo good!

A close up of her night table

ok this one is blurry but it is a glass block with a hole drilled in the side and christmas lights stuffed inside. Then you tie a bow around it (making it look like a present!!)

I got this cute nativity scene at a yard sale last summer!

This is the dining room and tree #3 of 4

This is also where we hang our stockings.....

My Chistmas center peice ( I have since added some shiny red balls to the greenery giving it a more finished look)
Episome salts as the snow,, then some fake red berries and a Gold Canyon "Cobbler on the porch"candle!

This shelf is in the kitchen

This is looking from the dining room out to the entry way.....love the twinkle lights!

Princess is pretty cute too! lol

Well that ends my christmas home tour for this year!

Hope you enjoyed it!

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